The Amazing Power of Stem Cell Nutrition Book
Everybody has stem cells; everybody uses stem cells; everybody uses stem cells every day; stem cells work… and they work every time!

Have you ever wondered, how Stem Cells have the ability to reproduce and become any type of cell the body needs, replacing damaged cells in the body’s tissues and organs – whatever and wherever they are. ‘The Amazing Power of Stem Cell Nutrition will help you understand all this and more …

  • Stem Cell Nutrition is now the leading edge of nutritional supplementation today.
  • Hundreds, if not thousands of research laboratories around the world are spending perhaps  billions of dollars each year, rapidly advancing our growing understanding of the stem cell phenomenon and its applications.
  • Nature seldom ever yields her deepest secrets easily and never does so completely.  The path forward is always littered with multiple obstacles and challenges that must, of necessity, be painstakingly overcome.
  • Stem Cell Nutrition is an effective Wellness Solution for the present, limited only by personal Lifestyle choice.

El Sorprendente Poder De La Nutrición De Las Células Madre: Cómo Mejorar Su Sistema De Restauración Natural Hoy Mismo (Latin Edition)

Todos tenemos células madre; todos usamos células madre y lo hacemos todos los días. Las células madre funcionan… ¡y funcionan en todo momento! Esta es una buena historia que podemos contar en nuestra propia generación. Es una historia en dos partes. La primera trata sobre el sistema de restauración natural del cuerpo, que incluye la liberación de esas células madre des de nuestra médula ósea. Estas células luego viajan hasta los tejidos que las necesitan, donde se establecen, se multiplican y diferencian hasta convertirse en células de cada tejido específico, ofreciendo de esa forma un método eficaz de restauración y reparación. “Ahora me doy cuenta de que mis propias células madre podrían tener la clave de mi bien estar futuro y de mis esperanzas de un a vida más larga y saludable. Después de leer este libro, es probable que usted haga lo mismo que yo hice: practicar la Nutrición de las células madre para mantener un cuerpo saludable”. -Ambassador Raymond L. Flynn Former Mayor of Boston and US Ambassador to the Vatican. Bestselling Author and TV Personality.

What Other Doctors Say About Stem Cell Nutrition

    Mia Hosey, DC
    “To the contemporary patient who rightly yearns to play an active role in disease prevention and health restoration, Stem Cell Nutrition is a breath of fresh air. This riveting book shines a light on the underlying physiology that maintains and repairs our tissues on a constant basis. It  illuminates the handle that any reader can utilize to take control. Loved it!”

    -Mia Hosey, D.C., Chiropractic Physician, Melbourne, FL

    Shariar Vaziritabar MD
    “It was my privilege to have the opportunity to read and benefit from Dr. Somersall’s latest book. Stem Cell Nutrition can become a great source of training for my patients and students. It provides a safe and effective solution for a well balanced lifestyle, including the support of the body’s natural renewal system. I felt the author’s cutting edge passion for natural health, good medicine and optimal wellness.  You will too.

    -Shahriar Vaziritabar MD, Physician and TV Personality, San Diego, CA

    Herman Bell, DO
    “We are privileged to be living at a time in history when health, wellness and medicine have come together to promote true anti-aging. Dr Somersall is ahead of his time to write this book that any reader can understand and benefit from. He has brought together two new and dynamic fields – Stem Cell Research and Nutrition. It is one of a kind and should become a milestone in the wellness field during our time.

    -Herman Bell, DO, Osteopathic Physician and Author, Inglewood, CA

    Allan Somersall, MD PhD
    "The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal affirms that there is in humans (and other mammals) an innate phenomenon of regeneration whereby bone marrow stem cells would sense distant injury, exit the marrow and circulate to a target organ, migrate into the site of damage, and undergo tissue-specific differentiation, to promote structural and functional repair."

    -Allan Somersall, MD., PhD, Physician and Bestselling Author, Toronto, ON

    Harv Haakonson, MD
    “Dr Somersall has taken an incredibly complex subject and transformed it into a story that the reader can easily understand. What’s more, he has done so in a way that makes the reader anxious to turn the next page to find out where the story goes. This is a great book for the lay reader, or any health professional who is still a little fuzzy about the intrinsic role of stem cells.”

    -Harv Haakonson, MD, FAOHM, Physician, CEO Healthserv, Victoria, BC

    Dennis Forrester, MD
    “This is a thoughtful and insightful look into the role of stem cells and the surprising impact of unlikely natural products. It elevates the effective value of nutritional supplementation. Therefore it is a must read for anyone striving for optimum Health and Wellness.”

    -Dennis Forrester, MD, FCFP, Physician, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Mississauga, ON